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Yandere Simulator Mobile is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Play Yandere Simulator APK on your Android & iOS!

About Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator was excluded from Twitch-much to lớn the frustration of her millions of followers, an in-development anime game in which you kill schoolchildren, and take photographs of pants of people.

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Yandere Simulator Mobile one-man founder, who frequently receives hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube with its video clip production releases, confirm the news in a tweet that includes a number of games already barred from Twitch.

This is an astonishingly strong stealth game even though it’s early on. It includes loads of material and the visuals are nice; you will be excited about it for hours!.

Psychotic killer on the loose!

Yandere Simulator Mobile is a sandboxing open world game that illustrates many anime ideas.
Although Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest give JRPG maximum purpose, they can be boring and repetitive. You play the role of a jealous woman in loving her senpai in Yandere Simulator. You can vì thế everything you can to lớn get closer to lớn him, lượt thích shooting! Few games have such an awesome plot. To keep you involved, there are plenty plots.

It’s the traditional “girl loves child,” but with a surprising twist. You are a high school girl, Yandere-Chan, too afraid to lớn admit that she loves Senpai. You have been sweet and caring, but this is not a mad twee tale! If the senpai does not return your affection, you become abusive.
What would you do? What vì thế you do? Naturally, you will hack it. You have to lớn make any girl that comes near to lớn him vanish. Forever. Forever.
This is a sample version of the game, ví no winning criteria are available. Interestingly, you explore the choices when playing, making the game feel accessible and sensitive. You are không lấy phí to lớn play.

What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay is close to lớn that of the Hitman sequence, you have to lớn follow a particular objective and retrieve it from a broad NPC-full environment. You can kill your target using stealth without witnesses, in an accident without proof or

Slay anyone you’re trying to lớn get in the path. The police will also liên kết you to lớn a crime and charge you if you don’t dispose of bodies, remove the blood and kill evidences. You may use mutual manipulation to lớn get rid of a girl if you don’t want to lớn get some blood on your lips.

Delete her reputation, disqualified from college. If you just want her to lớn struggle, ask any girl at school to lớn harass her before she dies and avoids the hassle. If you love a guy, he could never love you, the game will be over. He could never love you.

Yandere Simulator Mobile Features

Pertinent Reputation: Students can whisper about you if you are caught doing an incriminating work. If your credibility is poor, students are skeptical towards you and feel that you are dubious. Because you have a strong reputation, students may relax their eyes on you.
Risk level: You are going to lớn lose protection if you commit an act of aggression. This would drive you clearly mad. When you lose ví much weight, people will claim that you are nuts when you look at yourself. If the guy you love sees you that, he can’t respect you, and the game is done.

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Animations When your health is good, your killing would be effective, quick, and quiet. animations are calculated according to lớn your current health. You can kill dirty and distracting while you have poor fitness. You would have painful, violent and sadistic lives if you have lost control your Rationality.
Yandere Vision: The keyboard / controller button is devoted to lớn “Yandere” acts such as laughing, which would show the significant characters and items and be noticeable across walls while Yandere Vision is enabled.

Will this game have an online multiplayer mode?

The development of everything relevant to lớn online gaming is zero knowledge. It could take bầm a lot of time to lớn understand how those functions should be applied, but at this moment it isn’t anything I should guarantee.

It would be easier to lớn find a mentor – or recruit someone – who has skills with developing online multiplayer modes rather phàn nàn trying myself to lớn introduce online multiplayer.

Can you get Senpai to lớn notice you?

The tale of a girl with no affection returns is Yandere Simulator Mobile Her Senpai won’t remember her until all the girls are gone. Take things in your own hands ví that Senpai understands Yander simulator mobile, and delete all the other children.

In this game there are several possible endings and it is played over and over and over. Approach girls in various forms, ensuring you are safe from beloved Senpai ‘s sight all the sins and indiscretions!

Enjoyable art and character designs

Yandere Simulator Mobile will admire the beauty of anime and other love simulator sports. The roles have been well built and are mostly empty. In order to lớn watch the heartbeating of Yandere-chan and her popularity, the show has several handy monitoring features. The NPCs are fantastic and Senpai can be driven astray in several respects.

Guns are a sort of clunky, but graphics are top-quality. Speech improvement was improved, rendering the simulator ever more tentative.

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Yandere-chan has different tactics in her school to lớn get rid of the children. You really have to lớn make decisions. Various underwear can be fitted for incentives in Yandere-chan ‘s dresser. Expel, poison or even abduct girls to lớn push Senpai in the right way. To make you care.


These pop-ups may be triggered in several ways: very close to lớn the assembly, wearing dirty clothes, shooting, etc. The pop-ups are valuable knowledge for those who did not yet operate Yandere Simulator Mobile APK.

In the last game, Kokona may be used for the demonstration by demanding Ayano to lớn rehearse a play about a killer and his family. This shows the player different methods to lớn destroy rivals and how to lớn get the proof.

How to lớn Download & Play Yandere Simulator Mobile on iOS & Android

  • Download the game files from Apkrey.com
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Yandere Simulator Mobile.
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