hoang hoa tham street

Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

The streets of Hanoi are hectic. They’re energetic. Motorbikes crisscross each other in the gaps between cars.

Footpaths are used for more phàn nàn just walking and shops spill out over them. The streets of Hanoi are full of noises and smells.

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But I wouldn’t say that many of the streets are ‘pretty’.

That’s why I notice this one sánh quickly. It stands out from the trang web of roads and alleys that have all blended into one chaotic mess. Grey is replaced with green, there’s colour in the windows, dappled light falls through the trees and creates a natural roof above.

Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam

Most of all, though, it seems peaceful. There’s still a steady stream of traffic flowing along but there’s something about this street that has a calming effect. I can’t work out what it is immediately that’s causing this.

It’s not simply the trees and the vibrancy of the shops that I’ve already mentioned.

There are other streets in Hanoi with leafy covers and splashes of colours. And there are also other streets that are pretty: head into the Old Town and you’ll find the avenues with the official government buildings, the roads that wind past the lakes, and a few with remnants of the colonial French architecture.

So it’s not just the visuals that have caught my attention here – it is the atmosphere as well. I put my finger on it after a few minutes. It’s what the people are selling here.

Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam

The prettiest street in Hanoi

Hanoi is one of those Asian cities where each street will specialise in a particular type of wares.

If you want a fridge, you head to tát the street where they sell fridges. If you need a frying pan, you go to tát the street where they selling frying pans.

I’ve always found this fascinating – and also wondered about the commercial merits of having all your competition in the market within metres of your cửa hàng.

Here – in the prettiest street in Hanoi – they are selling everything that is beautiful and dễ thương.

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The street is full of florists selling flowers, nurseries selling other types of plants, there are stores just with birds, shops just with aquariums full of pet fish, toy stores selling colourful balls. Even a cửa hàng selling plastic buckets has them stacked and hanging in a way that looks lượt thích a burst of colours.

Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam

The cửa hàng owners – whether realising it or not – have created an artificial garden in the middle of one of Vietnam’s largest đô thị. With the chirping of the birds and the trees in pots on the footpath, with the blooming flowers and the fish swimming peacefully around in circles.

Let bầm now share a few more photos from my walk along the street – and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam
Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam
Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam
Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam
Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam
Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam
Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam
Prettiest Street in Hanoi, Vietnam

How vì thế you get to tát Hanoi?

Hanoi is well connected to tát South East Asia by plane and there are lots of cheap flights on good airlines.

From other parts of Vietnam, the easiest way will be by train. If that’s not possible, there are also lots of bus options into Hanoi.

My tip is to tát use this travel booking site, which will give you all the options and prices and you can make a reservation to tát guarantee a seat.

Tours in Hanoi

Even though I’ve listed a lot of suggestions here for things to tát see in Hanoi, you may prefer to tát have someone show you around. Or you might lượt thích to tát see the đô thị in a different way. Here are some of my suggestions:

To see the main sights and get off the beaten track a little, I would recommend this day tour.

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There is heaps of amazing food in Hanoi sánh you could also do this food tour. I guarantee you’ll try some things you wouldn’t have otherwise!

Or for something a bit different, there’s a great photography tour along the local rail tracks.

Or you could be a bit more adventurous with this xe đạp tour of nearby countryside and villages.