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Amidst the eliminations, the girls underwent various lessons (make-up and speech), attended a therapy session to lớn share their feelings, and participated in a fun question relay. They were also asked to lớn pick the 5 most popular trainees amongst them, with Pledis Entertainment's Zhou Jieqiong taking 1st place and Kim Doyeon, Jeon Somi, Kim Chungha, and Lee Suhyun taking 2nd to lớn 5th place, respectively. At the elimination, Jang Geunsuk revealed that only 22 trainees would be advancing to lớn the final stage. The girls were also shocked to lớn discover huge differences in the rankings as a result of the new voting system and the 150,000 vote benefit from the concept evaluation. Various girls previously ranking within the top 11 falling near the bottom. Ranks 21 to lớn 3 were revealed and Kim Sejeong and Jeon Somi were called up as the contenders for 1st, with Jeon Somi revealed to lớn have won by a landslide. The contenders for 22nd place are then called up: Chorokbaem Juna's Ng Sze Kai and SS Entertainment's Lee Suhyun. Lee Suhyun once again barely survives being eliminated. With the top 22 confirmed, Jang Geunsuk announced the final mission: the debut tuy nhiên evaluation. He introduced "CRUSH" (produced by Ryan Jhun, who previously produced "Fingertips") as the final line-up's debut tuy nhiên. He explained that they would be split into two teams of 11, each team would be composed of one main vocal, eight sub vocals, and two rappers, with only Jeon Somi's position as center confirmed due to lớn having previously ranked 1st. The girls chose their positions beginning with rank 22 up to lớn 1. The higher ranked girls were given the advantage of replacing the lower ranked girls and bumping them into another position. After positions were confirmed, the girls began practicing the choreography and memorized the lyrics in preparation for the final stage.

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Trainee's Choice

Most Popular

  1. Zhou Kyulkyung
  2. Kim Doyeon
  3. Jeon Somi
  4. Kim Chungha
  5. Lee Suhyun


Ranks 23 - 35 were eliminated.
Ranks 1 - 22 survived and went to lớn the finals.

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Trainee Company Rank Votes
Jeon Somi JYP 1 380,783
Kim Sejeong Jellyfish 2 131,612
Choi Yoojung Fantagio 3 128,004
Kim Sohye RedLine 4 94,189
Kim Chungha M&H 5 89,323
Kim Sohee Music Works 6 54,538
Yoon Chaekyung DSP 7 53,255
Han Hyeri Star Empire 8 49,379
Im Nayoung Pledis 9 48,110
Yu Yeonjung Starship 10 45,985
Kim Doyeon Fantagio 11 44,873
Jung Chaeyeon MBK 12 43,820
Ki Huihyeon MBK 13 35,118
Lee Haein SS 14 31,059
Kim Nayoung Jellyfish 15 28,167
Kang Sira Chungchun Music 16 26,526
Park Soyeon LOEN 17 23,575
Kang Mina Jellyfish 18 21,646
Zhou Kyulkyung Pledis 19 19,252
Jeon Soyeon CUBE 20 19,045
Jung Eunwoo Pledis 21 14,986
Lee Suhyun SS 22 14,613
Ng Sze Kai Chorokbaem Juna 23 14,138
Kim Dani MBK 24 12,581
Park Siyeon Pledis 25 11,009
Heo Chanmi Double Kick 26 8,571
Hwang Insun Show Works 27 8,114
Seong Hyemin Independent 28 7,129
Kang Yebin Pledis 29 6,879
Kim Seokyoung Independent 30 6,871
Lee Soomin Fantagio 31 6,749
Ahn Yeseul Majesty 32 6,046
Kim Hyungeun Kconic 33 4,538
Kim Juna Music K 34 3,450
Kwon Eunbean CUBE 35 2,353